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Hidden strategies that actually get you replies to your pitch.


How to saturate the market with your business.


How to get featured in publications, podcasts and news stations.


Develop your unique story that positions you as the go-to expert in your field.


Become an expert researcher, pitch, and secure interviews and articles with national and international media outlets, including top podcasters and publications.


Strategic tactics that leverage your media mentions into revenue-generating opportunities (i.e. new clients, sold out programs, capacity filled events).


With the right tactics, you’ll get all the media mentions you desire.
AND leverage that media attention into ACTUAL revenue.

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Get Started for $199 - Save up to 30% When You Pay in Full.

CALL (877) 839-3067 to Enroll Now.

here’s everything you will receive when you enroll:


  •  Ten (10) LIVE Masterclass Trainings (video and audio recordings will be available if you can’t attend live.)
  •  Introductions, insight, and access to my established network of Media Insider Influencers and Gatekeepers, because it’s not just about what you know, sometimes it’s about who you know.
  •  One (1) pre-course group Pitch Perfect Q&A session with Mary Simms. You’ve done the homework to craft your pitch.  Participate in a live on-camera Zoom video session with Mary to perfect your pitch LIVE.
  •  Live hot-seat “Murder” interviews, because “the stuff you don’t want to talk about” is what you need to prepare for.
  •  Proven templates and processes for researching, pitching, and following up with journalists, podcasters, and media outlets.
  •  Access to a private Facebook group where you have a safe space to give and receive feedback and support, as well as exclusive bonus trainings and real-time case studies.
  •  Pre-course Online Media Kit workshop with Mary: Create your media kit before the course even begins with Brandfolder, the world’s most powerfully simple solution for managing digital assets, trusted by MapQuest, OpenTable, Shazam, Slack, L’OREAL, and more. All participants will receive one year of free access to Brandfolder to create their very own online media kit (a $1600 value).



Bonus # 1: Pitch Workshop with the Media Insiders (a $495 value)
A group intensive to brainstorm story ideas with Mary and working members of the press.


Bonus # 2: Hot Seat Mock Murder Board Press Conference (a $495 value)
Group intensive to sit in on Mary’s hot seat and practice crisis communications tactics because, in business, it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll need to respond to a crisis.


Bonus #3: Podcast Speed Dating Session (a $1,995 value)
Join Mary and dozens of Podcasters from top rising popular podcasts to pitch yourself LIVE in front of potential clients and media insiders.  We’ll actually be connecting you to Media Mentions! The best part is that as one of my elite media insider students, I’ll be introducing you to ACTUAL media insiders.


Bonus #4: Influencer Introduction Panel Q/A (a $750 value)
Join a LIVE Zoom video session where media insiders and influencers will discuss how to stand-out and fuse your personal and professional brand in a way that is authentic, engaging and brands you as the go-to industry expert.


Bonus #5:  Connecting Media Mentions To Your Money (a $750 value)
Back By Popular Demand, This Workshop will give you an outline and framework to understand the key elements of devising and implementing a media and PR plan that will allow you to not only increase your authority and visibility but also attract your ideal clients.



Get out of your own way!

Don’t feel like you have to teach everything you’ve just learned to your virtual assistant, instead let them learn it directly from us. Let the PR Pros and put it to work on your brand.

If you feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in a day and you can’t add one more thing to your tornado of to-dos, this is the perfect solution. The first 100 to join will have an early bird option to enroll their VA for only $300! Let them take the course along with you and let our templates, homework and actionable advice, turn into immediate implementation that lands you media mentions and puts you on the front page.


WEEK 1: Introduction to Media & Publicity.

We’ll cover advanced pitching strategies and set the stage to cover everything from the basics to the big picture, from podcasts to fake news, blogs, guest posts, social media, and everything in between.

Plus! Do you know the most important mistake to avoid when pitching the media? We’ll be covering that, too.

WEEK 2: How to get over your fears and gain the confidence you need to step into the spotlight.

Yes, you have a interesting, newsworthy story. Embrace your substance and start shameless self-promotion with my proven formula to effectively shape your story.

We’ll start crafting your media pitch and provide feedback live in real time. You’ll have access to proven templates and resources to complete implementable action right away.

WEEK 3: Leverage your voice and shape your message so it’s heard by the world.

You’ll learn how to prepare and deliver your message and knowledge to an audience in the most effective, clear way. We’ll dive into how to set ground rules in your interviews and, most importantly, how to handle being misquoted or taken out of context.

Plus, you’ll discover the simple but important steps to influence a positive outcome from your media mention.

 WEEK 4: What is PR really about?  Personal Relations.

Influencer marketing is all about relationship building. Learn how to add value and build a lasting authentic relationship with each new media contact you’ve connected with over the past four weeks.

 WEEK 5: Become a Go-To Source.

Do you know the first thing you should always do when a reporter calls? Do you know all of the questions you need to ask before you agree to an interview so you don’t go viral for the wrong reasons and destroy your brand?

In this lesson, you’ll learn this essential key to effective media relations along with how to negotiate media ground rules.

WEEK 6: How to Slay an Interview.

This week, we tackle one of the most important lessons that even seasoned PR pros struggle to learn – how to speak in soundbites that get your point across succinctly and effectively. We’ll also focus on camera delivery dos and don’ts.

In addition, we’ll conduct a live On-Camera Mock Murder Session. This is one of my favorite ways to teach how to become a master interviewer.

WEEK 7: Lightning Deep Dive Live Q/A!

Each week you’ll have an opportunity for Q&A but this session will give you the chance to dig deep on what you’ve learned and ask questions to help you become a go-to expert securing media mentions that convert. This is also a great opportunity to catch up on course materials and continue to implement what you are learning.

WEEK 8: How to Write a Killer Attention-Grabbing Headline.

The headline is the most important part of any pitch, press release, or article. You literally have milliseconds to grab the attention of busy journalist. We’ll dissect what makes a great headline and look at a lot of examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We’ll also go over the inner working of the newsroom so you know how to reach out even when you don’t know the “who”, as well as why newsrooms need newsjacking.

WEEK 9: How to become a contributor at your dream outlet.

Have you been looking to add a few media logos to your website? Want to add some cool writing credentials to your bio? This week, we’ll cover how to become a regular contributor to your dream media outlet – and it can be as simple as waving your magic wand to get what you want.

WEEK 10: How to convert Media Mentions into clients.

I’ll share my exclusive PR formula to turn news coverage into paid advertising in order to maximize your exposure and position your brand. We’ll talk strategies for how to leverage that attention into paying clients.

Similar virtual courses start at $3,000 and don’t include media lists. Mary has offered in-person workshops to CEOs, Presidential appointee’s and seniour federal officials for 15+ years. The Pre-Enrollment pricing for the PILOT course is only for a limited time and once it expires, will never be offered at this price again.



Your Expertise and Status as an Influencer is Validated.


Publicity. It's One of the Secrets of 7 Figure Entrepreneurs and it Rarely Happens on Accident.


Your Ideal Clients Will Seek You Out.


Rapidly Scale or Be in a Position to Turn Down Business.


Get Started for $199 - Save up to 30% When You Pay in Full.

CALL (877) 839-3067 to Enroll Now.


If you aren’t completely happy with the course within 14 days, you can get a full refund.


How Do I Sign Up?
Similar courses are offered at $3,000. Why is this one so affordable?
PR Influencers realize that the world of paid, owned, and earned media is a rapidly evolving and changing landscape. From fake news to podcasts, content amplification to promoted tweets, it can be difficult to keep up. This is why we’ll be rolling out a subscription service in the future. For our BETA Pilot launch, we’d like to provide access to value. It’s our goal to democratize PR for the savvy entrepreneur with substance and a powerful message.  
What if I don’t already have a list of media contacts or know how to find the media info for gatekeepers?
If you pay in full, you’ll receive a customized, valuable media list with actual working media contacts specific to your industry.  
What if my business is unique? Will this course help me if I’m a B2B, B2C, online entrepreneur, retail, or tech startup, etc?
Everyone has a story. Understanding the definition of different types of media outlets and how to shape your story in a meaningful way is universal. The techniques and strategies we teach work in every industry.
Will there be an opportunity to get one-on-one attention in the course?
This is a group course, but there will be an opportunity for hot seat mock murder” media interviews to prep you (in a peer setting!) for difficult interview questions. There’s no better way to let practice make perfect, and it’s an absolute must before you do an actual interview.  
What if I’m already a contributor or blogger for one of the major online media outlets like The Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Forbes and/or Thrive—is this program still for me?
Congratulations! So excited you’re taking the step to share your important message with the world! Are your stories getting the visibility you’d like? If you’re already getting a ton of business from your media features, then you don’t need this course! But, if you aren’t getting new clients out of your stories, this course will offer you a ton of value. We’ll also cover best practices for television interviews and have opportunities for mock murder interviews. 
So if you’re already getting a ton of media mentions that convert to new clients, this isn’t the course for you. Soon we’ll offer more advanced contributorspecific offerings as part of our subscription service, to help you pump out highly-shareable, newsworthy content that attracts your ideal clients without feeling like a full-time journalist! Sign up here to get on the VIP wait list for that program.
What if I’m afraid to step into the spotlight? Will this course build my confidence?
Yes! Practicing your media skills in a supporting environment is hands down the best way to grow your PR skills.  
How is this course different from other PR courses?
It is currently the only offering of its typetaught by an awardwinning publicist who has driven more than a billion clicks to campaign coverage, worked as a war correspondent and an NBC on-camera television news reporter. Bringing with her a unique mixture of business savvy, pitching prowess, experience as a PR Pro with insider access and intel as a working journalist, Mary Simms is unrivaled in the industry when it comes to experience and results.  
What does it mean to pre-enroll?
The course will begin in late Spring, and this low price won’t last long. You can save thousands by taking advantage of our early enrollment option.   
What happens after I sign up?
Our 5 day PR mini-course begins in early April and was designed to be a primer for this course, containing pre-work to accomplish and get you going before the course even begins.
What is the schedule for the live webinar calls and what if I can't make them all live? When will the dates and times for the program be released?

We start June 13th.  Dates and times are still being finalized. If someone can’t make the calls live there will be a replay option. Enrollees have 14 days from the start of the course to request a full refund.

Will there be any replays?
I've had media exposure before and it didn't result in growth for my business. How will this course help me specifically?
Media features can absolutely help solidify your status as an influencer, position your brand and affirm your expert authority. Unfortunately, media features alone do not lead directly to more business. I help my clients achieve media mentions that actually convert and make a huge difference in their business. 
I was so excited when I first became a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine. I thought the business would just start pouring in from people downloading my opt-in. The article was solid, Entrepreneur Magazine reaches millions of people and and affirmed my influencer status, but it did nothing for my business. I got a measly six opt-ins! Since then, I’ve used my extensive knowledge of media to refine strategies and tactics for myself and my clients. My latest article in Entrepreneur not only reached millions, but was shared thousands of times and attracted a ton of new business, including one $75K contract I closed over the phone with a new client after one virtual PR strategy session. My topic and article sold me, so I didn’t have to. It’s not just about getting featuredit’s really about getting media mentions that convert!
I've seen a few courses promising media mentions, publicity and exposure. How is this course different?
Looking at other programs, I’ve noticed three things:  
  1.  Instructor Experience. I’ve seen a lot of courses taught by PR or journalists who have some experience, but with nowhere near the depth of knowledge or results I’ve been able to translate into billions of campaign clicks for coverage I’ve created to the tune of millions of dollars in advertising equivalency value. I’m a Gracie Allen Award Recipient, have been inducted into the league of Top Women in PR, and have been a working journalist for more than fifteen years, so I truly understand the inner workings of media and PR in a way that very few PR instructors do. I also stress the importance of knowledge, because contrary to popular belief, its sometimes more about what you know than who you know to get media mentions that convert.
  1. What happens once you land the interview? Most other courses stop there. We realize that the most important training is how to influence the outcome of the interview. Awardwinning journalist and PR Pro has been teaching presidential appointees how to do this for over fifteen years. That major league experience will help make your interview a walk in the parkyou’ll not only be able to favorably influence the media coverage, but will also understand how to use digital marketing tactics once the interview is published to increase revenue and conversions.  
  1. One of the main differences with this course is the valuable media gatekeeper lists done-for-you and access to a network of real working media contacts.
Is this program designed to work for people outside of the United States?
Yes! Although our main focus is on US media, our Agency also has relationships with NHK, the largest media outlet in Japan, as well as others in Canada, London and the UK. The focus of the course is primarily on pitching to USbased media outlets where many global entrepreneurs are eager to be featured.  
How do you get seen if you don’t have an email list yet?
Understanding how to be your own publicist (or equip your VA!) and take control of earned, owned and paid media will be a gamechanger for your business. The Today Show and Twitter aren’t that complicated, but you need someone with proven experience to help you land the features you’ve been dreaming of.  
What if I’m a solopreneur? Will I be taken seriously by media?
Absolutely! The media is interested in telling a personal, heartfelt story and providing advice and resources that are shareable to its viewership and audience. You just need to understand how to tell your story.  
Are there any assignments? What is the time investment?
Each module will have implementable strategies and real world assignments to get you actual PR opportunities. How much time you invest will determine your results, but 2 5 hours per week is a good estimate. Once you learn our skills, you’ll be able to utilize them for a lifetime, and our framework and materials will help you get lightning fast at your own shameless selfpromotionwhich is a good thing.  
What if this course isn’t for me? Will I get a refund?
With our one-to-one clients and brands, we’ve spent decades developing a serious reputation and we never want to risk it. If you don’t love what you’re learning—if you’re not bursting with new ideas, beginning to see results, and relieved at how easy it is to share your knowledge and expertisejust email our customer service team (support@marysimms.com) for a full refund and we’ll part as friends.
Is there a Facebook group for the course?
Yes!  It’s a private group with access to Mary and media insiders and requests to join are only granted to enrolled students.