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Own your story, Own Your Power.   Empower your small business, amplify your voice, and ignite possibilities in your work, the community, and beyond.

After handling some of the nations most complex and controversial communications issues as a senior strategic communications advisor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and FEMA, Mary turned down a GIG at NASA to help you solve your greatest PR challenges.

Are you tired of doing a ton of work writing a story pitch to blogs, news sites, podcasts but then never hearing back?


A Roadmap to Establish Influence through Press Coverage: Understanding how to be your own publicist (or equip your VA!) and take control of earned, owned and paid media will be a game changer for your business.


Overcome Your Fear of Rejection, Gain Confidence and Prepare to Step into the Spotlight and Embrace Your Expertise and Influence.


Confidently Pitch the Media and learn my secret strategy to stop sending emails that get ignored, even with celebrities and established influencers.


Stop sending emails that get ignored.


Learn the PR resource that will light your inbox up with daily media queries and the essential rule you MUST know before pitching to podcasts, blogs, and top-tier media outlets.


Discover the PR & Pitching secrets that took this bootstrapped company from startup to scale up.  You’ll be amazed with the quick breakthroughs you can experience in a short amount of time, like many of my early adopters who have already had articles accepted by major publications, like Forbes.  


Own your story with an online media kit.  I’ll give you the rundown on what you must have to amplify your online presence.  At 12:00 PM Pacific, I’ll be joined by Brandfolder Director of Digital Marketing to lead a “workinar” to actually help you build your e-media kit!  You’ll walk away inspired and impressed with your new skills as you breeze through build an online e-media Kit and sharing best practices for building your Brandfolder.


Steal my proven pitch formula and my template that has landed keynote speaking engagements, podcast interviews, major TV, radio and print articles that creates a story that is irresistible to producers, writers, editors, and directors. Plus, At 12:00 p.m. PDT, I’ll be joined live by Professional Sales and Sales Management Professor John Westman who will share the secrets to the persuasion equation he teaches at Harvard University.


Scale your business with publicity and an introduction to my 5-step formula for turning media mentions into paying clients.  Apply to schedule a 1-on-1 PR Strategy Session to see if my live PR training and implementation program is a good fit to solve your greatest PR challenges. We’ll create your PR Roadmap and provide you with a worksheet to map out your PR goals for the next season based on two factors that will guide everything.  Join me live on Zoom at 12:00 PM PDT for our final session designed to place you on the road to being an industry icon.



The info in the challenge alone is more valuable than many paid courses so if you commit, you will see results! So we’ve decided to make it worth your while to do the daily challenges and have added some seriously awesome prizes:

We know that just the free challenge itself is going to rock your world but what’s to come after that will change your life forever.