It’s All About Who You Know.

You wanted to take a sneak peek at my emails, here it is.

I hope you’re enjoying my weekly “Pitch Perfect” weekly email series where each week I offer free advice and real-world examples including templates of solid media pitches to help you in your PR efforts. As a former NBC Television news reporter and current contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Huffington Post my inbox is literally FULL of 50+ pitches daily from seasoned PR pros hustling to get their clients featured in top-tier publications. If you want to learn tips on how to cut through the noise and get the attention of the gatekeepers at your dream media outlet, this exclusive look into my inbox will give you some serious insights.

top-tier publications

Here’s my favorite pitch so far this week:

Hi Mary,

My name is Kevin and I work with the media team at

I just read your January 13 article for Entrepreneur highlighting some superb strategies for budding start-ups about how they can scale up successfully while still managing their cost of doing business.

I would like to introduce you to, another powerful resource that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses in California, throughout the U.S., and across the world grow by providing them with a global network of skilled workers at their fingertips. Here are some numbers that may astound you. global numbers:

  • The world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace
  • 22+ million members in 247 countries, regions, and territories
  • 9.6+ million projects posted worth $3+ billion U.S.-specific numbers:

  • 2.46+ million employers and freelancers in the U.S. – our largest employer market globally.
  • 380K+ projects posted by U.S. employers in the past 12 months

We’ve been connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses to this gigantic community of talented freelancers, providing them with a cost- and time-efficient system to kickstart their businesses.

Our International Director, Sebastián Siseles, would be happy to provide you with more information about how easy and inexpensive it is for an entrepreneur to transform an idea into reality with just a few mouse clicks, and at a fraction of the cost (even allowing an entire business to launch on the back of a credit card!). Likewise, Sebastián can provide unmatched insight and knowledge into the areas of entrepreneurialism, freelancing, and crowdsourcing.

I would like to schedule a chat between you and Sebastián. I think you and your Entrepreneur readers would benefit greatly from his expertise. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and I’ll be glad to set things up for you.


M. Kevin Lai



Why this pitch stands out.

This pitch came to me from someone who had clearly taken the time to research and read my latest article. Journalists are people too, and just like anyone, we appreciate when people read and appreciate our work. Just by mentioning that you’ve specifically read an article written by a reporter you’re reaching out to, it very much increases the chance they will at least slow down to digest your pitch.

A journalists actual contact info can be tricky to find. Because we get bombarded, emails are often filtered into general mailboxes, like where they can pile up and be ignored.

Keep an eye out for your exclusive VIP invitation to purchase custom media lists that will help you reach out to the right reporters, producers and media gatekeepers who you should know.

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