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Veteran investment advisor, Julian Rubinstein, is available for interviews. Please contact me directly and thanks so much for your consideration.

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The Revelation of President-Elect Trump’s Call with President of Taiwan Indicates He Plans to Play Hardball with China, says American Asset’s President & CEO

Julian Rubinstein, President and CEO of Boca Raton-based American Asset Management, predicts that Trump isn’t going to allow China to dictate rules on trade

BOCA RATON, Florida Dec. 7, 2016 The revelation of a phone call betweenPresident-elect Trump and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen last Friday is a clear indication that Trump plans to play hardball with China and that China needs us more than we need them, saysJulian Rubinstein, American Asset Management’s (, CEO and President, a 17-yearveteran of the investment industry.

Rubinstein, host of South Florida’s popularMoney Talk Radio daily program on WSBR 740 AM, states, “President-elect Trump is not going to allow China to dictate the rules. They export over $300 billion a year to the U.S. while we only export approximately $100 billion. China also owns overa trillion dollars of U.S. bonds. If they sold them, China would lose an unprecedented amount of money – without a new place to park that money. I believe Trump is clearly telling China it is time to play fair.”

Under Mr. Rubinstein’s direction, the American Asset Management team manages over 500 portfolios and works to develop low volatility portfolios that allow clients the ability to sleep at night regardless of what is occurring in the stock market. American Asset Management does not have a minimum investment requirement. Unlike other firms that have shunned the smaller client, American Asset embraces that client and provides the same excellent customer service that it gives to clients with millions of dollars.

Another aspect that separates American Asset from its competitors is that Mr. Rubinstein and his family are invested exactly like his clients.

According to Mr. Rubinstein, “Our 500+ portfolios are managed with the goal of the client having the opportunity to make money whether we are in a bull or bear market. Low volatility is our key to remaining fully invested which we believe prevents the biggest investing mistake; buying high and selling low.” The firm’s primary goal is to protect clients no matter what the future brings.

All accounts are held at TD Ameritrade in the client’s own name and American Asset Management does not have access to any of the cash in the account. The firm’s only job is to decide what to buy and sell. TD Ameritrade provides monthly statements, internet access and insure each account for $100 million.

Julian Rubinstein

Founder and President of American Asset Management, Inc., is an Investment Advisor Representative with over 17 years of hands on-business and investment management experience. Mr. Rubinstein’s career includes the founding of the largest manufacturer of shower stalls in the United States (American Shower & Bath, Corp.) and then selling the company to Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500company (MAS; NYSE), five years of executive management and mergers and acquisitions work with MASCO and participation as the operational partner at Sun Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in the United States, specializing in the turnarounds of both private and public companies. Possessing significant stock market valuation and income expertise, Mr. Rubinstein has been advising individuals and corporations on their investments and 401(k) plans since 1994. Mr. Rubinstein has also been at the forefront of providing independent advice on section 529 College savings Plans. Mr. Rubinstein was honored as an INC. Magazine Entrepreneur of the year in 1992. He received his Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Business Management from Syracuse University.Interviews with Julian Rubinstein are available upon request.

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